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Automotive Digital Consultants, Photography and Lot Service Providers
Offer your customers a great way to get video content.


Whether you’ve been in business for years or thinking about getting started, we can provide you with the most cutting edge software that will give your customers features that none of your competitors have, while at the same time increasing your productivity so you can stay competitive in this increasingly crowded market. We have invested millions of dollars into our software over the years because we know that keeping up with the latest technology is the only way to last in this business.   Use our turn-key web app, or integrate with our API.



If that is true, take a look at the company you will be aligning yourself with should you decide you join our team of affiliates. We are not just a software company, we live this business.

  • Over 23 years in business servicing hundreds of dealers
  • 85% market share in our home market of Sacramento, CA
  • Over 40 photographers/videographers in the field every day
  • Over 10,000 photos shot and 500 videos produced and exported each day!

VIDEO! This truly is the future.

In just a few short years, we predict that Full Motion, Real video will take the place of still photos as the first media a dealer steers their customers to and it’s already happening!

There is a huge market for Lot Service Providers to shoot video. Our revenue has increased 40% since launching our Full Motion Video. There is no other system that can deliver quality videos that customers actually want to see, takes almost no time to make and is live on the VDP in a couple of minutes.

Will you or your competitor partner with us in your market?

Tired of hearing “We can’t do that?” from your video provider? Contact us.

what we do

We build software solutions for the automotive industry and use our products in our own lot services business, which gives us the real-world feedback to perfect our software for optimum performance, effectiveness and efficiency.

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It’s not a matter of if you will do Full Motion Video… but when.